August 18, 2010

Fact #38: Sometimes weird things make me sad

A few days ago I finally got to start using my iPhone. I canceled my account with T-Mobile and transferred my old number over.

That in itself was a fairly hilarious experience. I mean, it went amazingly smoothly. But it was a lot more complicated than I'd expected it to be, and involved a three way call between two AT&T customer service people and me. And they were extremely, eerily cheerful and polite. Add a little ominous music and it would have been the first act of a horror movie.

Remember that scene in Rosemary's Baby
where she activates her iPhone? So scary!

When they were finally about to port my old number away from my T-Mobile account, they asked if I had any voicemails I needed to listen to on my old phone -- they'd be deleted once my phone number was switched to my new phone.

I didn't have any voicemails I had to listen to. No urgent new messages. No important information to take down. But since I first got a cell phone, my voicemail box has never been totally empty. I have a habit of saving old messages: a call from a friend I rarely talk to, a message that makes me laugh, stuff like that. I keep them for a while, like the digital equivalent of holding onto old letters or cards. Just to have.

So I had a moment's hesitation before I said okay and they switched my number over. (I'm guessing they chalked the pause up to a bad connection, or else it just contributed to the 'horror movie' vibe of our conference call.)

Anyway, now I've got my new phone all set up and seriously. it. is. awesome.

But I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad to say goodbye to my old one.

Til tomorrow.

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