August 25, 2010

Fact #45: My iPod knows a lot about me

Just out of curiosity, when I was updating my iPod this morning, I sorted the songs by play count. Here's what I found out:

--Top 10 Most Played Songs--

"New World Water" - Mos Def
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Cat Power
"I Know What I Am" - Band of Skulls
"Help I'm Alive" - Metric
"Ready for the Floor" - Hot Chip
"The General Specific" - Band of Horses
"VCR" - The XX
"Islands" - The XX
"Nicest Thing" - Kate Nash
"Low Light Low Life" - P.O.S.

--Bottom 10 Least Played Songs--

Baby 81 (the whole album)* - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
*It's an okay album, but I don't love it. All the songs have a play count of 1.

Now, bear in mind that these are not my most/least played songs of all time. I've only had this iPod for a few months, and it only has a fraction of my music library on it. But those lists definitely reflect my musical leanings over the past six months.

Til tomorrow!

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