August 31, 2010

Fact #51: Why? Why? WHY?????

Okay, I'm just peeling back the layers here to reveal deeper and deeper levels of nerdiness...

But it.. seriously.. gives me hives.. when people misspell words on purpose!

I will admit that I often accidentally abuse the English language. (I say things like "Whenever I was bitching about grammar on my blog" instead of "When I was bitching, etc.") But I'm not just rewriting the rules of language willy-nilly!

People do it all the time, and I partly blame texting and Twitter. When you're trying to fit stuff into 140 characters or less, "ur" just takes up less space than "your." I still type texts in full sentences with full punctuation, but then again, I do have unlimited text messages so I've got plenty o' room to write whatever I want!

I also blame weird internet memes like LOLCats, which, although cute and furry, are doing nothing to help the English language. (And yes, they do have their own Wikipedia entry.)

So cute, yet so bad for my brain.

But the time has come for me to put my foot down. If you're not a cat, and you're not texting, stop writing things like this: "Way to go gurl! U rawk it!" (Real life example.)

What? What? WHAT????

Vowels are not interchangeable, people!

Fur realz, stawp it. It maykes mi eyez bleed. And it maykes me reed ur wryting all weird.

Til tomorrow.


Nate said...

wh4t 4b0U7 L337 5p34k?

Laurel said...

Owwy! My eyes! (By the way, I had to Google 'leet speak'.)