September 2, 2010

Fact #53: It has to be written to be rewritten

So, I like writing. . .as you may have guessed from the blog post a day for a year thing.

I write other things too. I wrote a screenplay. Actually, I wrote a couple.

Work has been slow lately (by work, I mean the work I do that actually pays me money, not the work I do because I love it and hope someday will pay me enough for it be my only job). So while poverty taps gently at my door like a passive-aggressive neighbor, I've been trying to use the surplus of time and lack of money as a motivator to sit down and write.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon at my little desk downstairs typety-typing away. And I realized two things:

1) I need more ergonomic office equipment,


2) I could be a good writer.

Does that sound like tooting my own horn? It shouldn't. Well, maybe it should. But it's a little toot, like a clown horn.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I am a good writer. Just that I could be. I just have to keep doing it and doing it until I get better.

The script I'm working on right now is in its 5th iteration. Yesterday I was pillaging an older draft for scraps of dialogue I might use in the latest version, and realized just how much it's changed through all the rewrites. It's a completely different thing now. Better, I think, than it was.

But it still needs to be more better. I know that. I can see it. I read it and with the tiny bit of objectivity I can muster up, I see how to someone who didn't spew it out of their heart, to someone whose job it is to find the weak spots, there are plenty to be found.

But I can make it better.
And I will.
I hope. :)

Til tomorrow!

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