September 27, 2010

Fact #78: happy

I'm a worrier. It's one of the things I do. I try not to worry. But it happens anyway.

I look at other people who don't seem to worry as much as I do, and I think, "I should be like them!" But then I think, "If they're not worried, and I stop being worried, who will be left to worry???" Because some things seem like they should be worried about.

However, I have to admit that sometimes I take my worry to extremes even I know are ridiculous.

Laurel's List of Unfounded Fears
(incomplete list, updated daily)
  • I worry about falling down a set of stairs and dying. Even if it's just three steps.
  • I worry about dying in some other ridiculous way and being discovered in my underpants.
  • When I fly, I worry about the plane flipping over backwards when we land.
  • I worry about every single one of the hundred million freckles on my body. They're like tiny ticking time bombs -- say that five times real fast.
  • I worry about overpopulation and global warming and the horrible things going on in the world (oh wait, those aren't ridiculous things to worry about at all).
  • I worry about accidentally calling someone while I'm in my car singing along to music really loudly and badly.
  • I worry about my eyeballs falling out.
  • I worry that if I try to squish a spider and miss, it will run away and tell all of its spider friends, and they'll come back and get me when I'm asleep.
  • I worry anytime I get a mysterious pain that there might be an alien living inside me.
  • I worry that I'm too loud/quiet/nice/mean/easygoing/bitchy.
  • I worry that I'm getting older but not more mature.
  • I worry about getting hit in the head with a surfboard.
  • I worry about the people I love.
  • I worry that I'll never be a good home decorator.
  • I worry about clowns outside my window at night.
  • I worry about picking up pennies that are tails-up -- and that if I kick them til they turn heads-up first, I'm not really fooling the universe.

Til tomorrow!


Q Schroe said...

I think that's a pretty normal list for most people. The only one that made me laugh was the plane flipping over backwards when it lands. That's such a physics-defying feat it just made me chuckle to think about, but I suppose flying seems like it defies physics too, so maybe that isn't such a crazy fear.

And amen to worrying about getting older and not more mature. I think I will always feel like a kid inside, I just hope no one notices at the wrong time!

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