October 19, 2010

Fact #100: Laurel Schroeder - Young Mother

I had an audition today where I was playing the role of a Young Mother.

Oh, Young Mother. You are such a vague yet evocative character type. What do you wear? How do you style your hair? What is it that makes you Young Mother? (Oh, the baby. I see.)

I imagine if I had a kid right this second, I'd probably keep dressing pretty much the way I do now. You know. Just regular. I mean, there's not some kind of secret dress code for moms... or is there?

Whenever I get called in for Young Mother, I find myself pawing through all the clothes in my closet wondering, "Hmm, would I wear that if I was a young mother?"

Honestly, if any young mother spent as much time as I do trying to dress like a Young Mother, she would in fact be a terrible young mother. Her kids would probably be running around with scissors or lighting the couch on fire while she was rifling through her closet. And I happen to know a real mother who wore a shirt backwards for most of the day once because she was too busy being a mom to notice.

But Young Mother doesn't wear backwards shirts. And she doesn't wear cute girly tops. Young Mother wears nice shirts -- not too dressy, not too casual -- in solid colors that compliment her skin tone.

She wears clothes that say, "Hey, world. I'm a Young Mother with a very well behaved Young Child and I take things seriously but I'm also very warm and approachable. I'm a grownup with grownup issues like home repairs and paying a mortgage and after school programs, which I may give you some advice about in a second. And you'll probably want to take whatever advice I give you because a woman dressed like this obviously knows what she's talking about."

So... the blue top? The green top?

Til tomorrow!


freddie said...

This post reminded me of this video: http://current.com/shows/infomania/88941392_sarah-haskins-in-target-women-yogurt-edition.htm

Sarah Haskins is a Chicago improvisor.

Bee said...

I think Young Mother dresses like the girl on the laundry detergent commercials. Unless you're Pregnant Teenager Mother, in which case you dress like the Nair girls.

Yay, happy 100 days of blogging!

Rick said...

I agree - awesome that you've been posting for 100 days!!