October 4, 2010

Fact #85: Woman vs. Wild

After driving down to Washington PA for an audition today, I made a little detour into the countryside on the way back. There, I battled wits with mother nature, risking my life and foraging for my very survival!!

Actually I just picked some apples at Simmons Farm's U-Pick orchard. But I did somehow manage to wander off the 20-foot path from the barn to the orchard, stumble down a steep embankment and get lost in the woods. So I really did almost die.

But look!

I picked those! With my BARE HANDS!!!

I also picked these. Up. From a big pile of pre-harvested pumpkins. (Now I just have to decide if I should try to carve them with a butter knife or a knife from my trusty Ikea set..)

Oh, and I made a new best friend!

Til tomorrow.


Nate said...

Whoa, you have BEAR HANDS? Miss Bear is jealous...

PS, just say no to the butter knife. That's a fail waiting to happen.


Laurel said...

Augh, typos! I fixed it. :)