October 11, 2010

Fact #92: Pittsburgh, I like you

Today I went to the Carson Street Deli for the first time. I love finding awesome new places in Pittsburgh!

I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't been there before. It's right across the street from my yoga studio, so I've literally spent hours staring through the window, dreaming of sandwiches while I flow through yoga poses. Mmm. Sandwiches.

Anyway, I finally went in this afternoon, and got a very delicious lunch. They have lots of tasty looking things on the menu, and they use fresh local ingredients.

PLUS, they're my new favorite place to buy beer! I got a great mixed six pack! The guy stocking the beer fridge saw me browsing and recommended Dogfish Head's Burton Baton, which I'm super excited to try.

Yumbly in my tumbly.

Til tomorrow!


Nate said...

Oh, MAN does that sound like a good beer! Mmm...

Q Schroe said...

Ironically enough, I miss good beer while I'm in Europe! Unless I can get another trip to Germany or Belgium. Mmmmmmm.

Laurel said...

It was really good! It's a seasonal brew, so I might have to get a few more while I can.