October 13, 2010

Fact #94: AAAAHH!!!! There's a hole in my ARM!!!!

I had to get a mole removed today.

Well, more of a freckle, really.

I mean, it wasn't a giant growth with all kinds of hairs growing out of it. It was just a freckle that was a little darker than the rest of my freckles, with an irregular shape.

My dermatologist said she didn't like it (which seems to be getting a little personal, but far be it from me to defend my moles -- I don't like them much either).

So she had me come in this afternoon and she SLICED IT OUT OF MY ARM!!

For real. There was some serious slicing and maybe even some gouging. She took a chunk out of my arm. I had to get stitches and everything!

My insurance has such a high deductible that I'm basically paying for this out of pocket. I told my doctor that, and she was really helpful in trying to find ways to keep my costs down. They're sending my arm chunk to the cheapest place possible for the pathology report and billed the removal as 'cosmetic' because for some reason that's cheaper.

But it's still gonna cost me upwards of $300 for the whole thing. Um, really? For a tiny little speck on my arm? That's like $108,000 per square inch!

Maybe I can form some kind of peace treaty with the rest of my moles. They stay a nice regular shape and consistent color, and I won't let dermatologists talk shit about them. Because none of us really want more gouging, do we guys? No.

Til tomorrow.


Q Schroe said...

Why does staying healthy cost so much? A friend of mine here has a tooth infection and has to decide if she wants to get it removed or try to treat it (she's from Russia, so there's the added fun of having to follow through with the decision using foreign doctors. Yay!).

I hope your freckles behave themselves after this!

marianne said...

Yikes! Sounds like a bigger deal than I thought. I hope you're feeling OK.