November 7, 2010

Fact #119: We do difficult things because we can

My friend Troy ran the New York City marathon today. I'm so proud of him! He's a crazy powerhouse, he runs like the wind and if they didn't put a finish line in front of him, I'm pretty sure he'd never stop.

I've done three marathons myself (Chicago twice and Fort Collins once). Honestly, I'm not sure I'll ever do another one. At the moment I'm quite content running for fun, doing half marathons and other shorter races. I'm enjoying running with no goals.

But there's nothing quite like a marathon -- for the dedication it takes, the will it takes, the unbelievable feeling of accomplishment to stand beyond the finish line and look back at what you just did.

And it's one of the most incredible ways to experience a city. 26.2 miles covers a lot of ground, a lot of streets and neighborhoods. And you've got nothing else to do but keep moving forward and taking it all in.

En route to Chicago Marathon #2

So.. we'll see. Maybe I've got one or two more marathons up my sleeve. (Or should I say up my pants? Nope, I shouldn't.)

And in the meantime I'm very happy being the loudest and most annoying cheerleader for anyone who takes on this crazy, amazing challenge! Go, Troy, go!

Til tomorrow.


Rick said...

It is an amazing accomplishment that not many people can claim. And you did 3 of them - Woohoo!

Pinolera said...

Because we can.... but really, did I have to add the Chilean miner to the list of people more physically fit than I am?? If you can train underground in a cave, those of us above ground really have no excuse!

A Beautiful Mess said...

I cannot believe you've run THREE marathons! THREE?!?!???!@! That's ridiculous and amazing! My respect for you was already huge what with your awesome acting abilities and your superior blog writing skills(and I hear you make a pretty mean cup of coffee too). But now this? THIS?! You have just gained a +300 in the how much admire Laurel Schroeder department.