November 22, 2010

Fact #134: Get it, grab it

If the purpose of life is to live it . . . then get it, grab it, try and put something positive into it. If fear gets in the way, just push fear back. -- Eddie Izzard
I just finished watching Believe, the documentary about Eddie Izzard. Besides the fact that he's so hilarious that whenever they played clips from his old shows I almost didn't want them to go back to the movie, it's also a really interesting and inspiring story.

I'm a sucker for a good biography. Retrospect is so interesting -- to look back on someone's beginnings, to see the path they took that led them to where they are now.

I'm developing a philosophy of stubbornness. Of hanging on. Of refusing to give up. Of insisting, not necessarily on getting things my way all the time, but on at least trying them my way. And if that doesn't work, redefining my way and trying again.

That's how all the best stories seem to go.

Til tomorrow!


Nate said...

MC Chris agrees:

Nic Roberts said...

Make sure that I get at least a cameo in your biography some day.

marianne said...

Hmm, now I have to research Eddie Izzard's bio. Sounds interesting.

Laurel said...

For you, Nic, a whole chapter!