December 17, 2010

Fact #159: I have no pictures!!!!

I've been bad about taking pictures lately. I should be documenting my life more. I've got a nice camera, and my phone can take pretty decent pictures too. So... I have no excuses.

Here's the thing: Hobson's Choice closes tomorrow, and so far the only picture I've taken is the one of me and my castmate in our bustles. That's not cool. At all.

Luckily, I've still got time to fix the situation. Tonight and tomorrow, I've gotta bust my camera out in a big way. Because I'm always sad later on if I don't have pictures. They're worth a thousand words!

Til tomorrow.

1 comment:

marianne said...

I agree, you've been remiss. But, there's time to remedy that. And I hope we all benefit from it.