January 2, 2011

Fact #175: Bruno's couch invasion

In the front entryway of my brother's house, there's an old green couch. Over time, it's been designated 'Bruno's Couch'.

Bruno is the sweetest dog in the world and is so gentle and patient with my niece -- but the couch is his sanctuary, his place to escape and have a little peace and quiet when he needs it. Even though the couch is blocked off from the living room, he can easily jump over the armrest and curl up on the comfy cushions.

But a few mornings ago, Isla found a breach in the perimeter. We heard a noise from the other room and came in to see her sitting on the couch, curled up next to Bruno. She was patting his fur and saying, "Hi Bruno buddy!"

My heart just exploded into a million pieces. It was seriously the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

It also made me laugh because I realized that just a few days earlier, someone had taken this picture of me.

Poor Bruno. He's just too popular!

Til tomorrow.


troy said...

Love this one. I also love your dedication to posting each day. I hatched the same idea before I saw you were doing it also and was excited to have someone else trying it. Keep up the posts, I love them!

Also, apparently we are both thinking a lot about the wonderful dogs around us today! :)

Rick said...

Bruno and Isla both miss Auntie RoRo.