February 5, 2011

Fact #209: Chicago is great

I'm here, I'm here! I made it to Chicago in one piece -- thankfully, there were no shark attacks on the plane. (By which I mean no sharks tried to bite the plane in half, and nobody tried to yank my top down.)

It's nice to be back. I spent the whole El ride from the airport looking out the window and thinking about how much I love Chicago. It's a cool city.

I got settled in with my lovely hosts, spent a lazy afternoon catching up, had some delicious Tom Yum soup from Cozy's, played some scrabble, watched some Modern Family. . . I'd call that the perfect audition prep!

I probably won't have much time to post in the next few days, so it may be mostly pictures of puppies. But I promise they'll be very cute.

Til tomorrow!

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