February 23, 2011

Fact #227: Nonstop yoga!

A little while ago I got a Groupon for 30 days of unlimited yoga at my old favorite studio, Amazing Yoga. 30 days of yoga?? Pinch me, I must be dreaming! It's generally a little too pricey for me to go on a regular basis, so I was super excited about this deal.

I started yesterday and I plan on going every single day for the next month. After that, I'll go into yoga withdrawal and just hang around outside the studio doing downward dog and crying. It'll be awkward. For everyone.

But first -- nonstop yoga, day 2! Bring it on!

Til tomorrow.


Karen Solas said...

Holy crap! I just got a Groupon for a month of unlimited yoga too! Only it's not at my favorite place at all, it's at Core Power Yoga, which should be called Corepowerate (get it? like corporate? I'm so clever) Yoga. I went yesterday for the first time and it was decent yoga, but was pretty generic and soulless, AND they charge for mat rental, using towels, and freaking water! I can't even fill up my water bottle!!! What kind of crap is that?? Here's what's weird though, I was like ok, that was maybe a bit of a workout. But then today I woke up and was crazy sore! So I will not be going every day. Must recover. I have been thinking about your post from awhile ago about how awesome it is to finally be able to do a pose you totally didn't used to be able to do, and feeling yourself getting stronger. Fun stuff.
(longest. comment. ever.)

Laurel said...

Ha, Corepowerate yoga! I get it. Tee hee.

Oh man, there's nothing like going back to yoga after an extended break to make you realize you don't regularly use about 50% of the muscles in your body. I thought I still had some upper body strength, but apparently I was wrong!

Yay for unlimited yoga. Ouch.

marianne said...

You and Karen both enjoy yoga so much, and it inspires me to give it a try. But it will have to be when I am done trying to get my back straighter. It's 20 degrees straighter than when I started, so I'm making progress. This is also a. long. comment.