February 25, 2011

Fact #229: Defragmenting

My first laptop was a PC (now I have an iBook because I'm super hip). Anyways, I would occasionally run the disk defragmenter on my old laptop to make it use the hard drive more efficiently.

Since my iBook doesn't really trust me to do anything myself, it probably does this to the hard drive without telling me. Seriously, iBook, I can handle it! No? Okay.

But what I really need is a program to do this to my brain. I want my brain to be like that bottom bar, with all those nice big chunks of blue. Not like the top bar, with all those little tiny red lines all over the place.

Actually, I'm getting better at doing it for myself. Keeping all the different things I've got going on straight in my head. Narrowing my focus down to what I'm doing right now, instead of staring into the future and being overwhelmed by all the things looming in my path.

I partly credit yoga (it keeps me present). I partly credit my super creepy "Puppies Doing Yoga" wall calendar (it was a gift!!). I partly credit Steve Jobs (my iPhone mostly tells me what to do).

Either way, my brain definitely works much better when it's defragmented.

Til tomorrow!


Karen Solas said...

I'm on K's computer so in case it says it's her, it's not. It's Nate.

I used to use a pocketmod all the time to tell me what to do, and it fucking rules. I miss it.


You can set it up to print whatever little awesome things you want on each page, INCLUDING SUDOKU PUZZLES. So, yeah. I got stuff done. And solved puzzles.

... now, however, I just spend hours trying to get my toddler to sleep. Pocketmod forgot a page to make that happen. :(

... and the "4" key is coming off of K's keyboard. Uh oh.

Laurel said...

Cool, I want a pocketmod!

I'll have a chat with Isla when I visit you guys, and explain to her how awesome sleeping is. Maybe I'll even give her a demonstration of an afternoon nap. :)

marianne said...

I remember your pocketmod, Nate. It was handy and I even made a few myself. In fact, there is one in my purse right now!