March 19, 2011

Fact #251: But, where am I supposed to sit?

Sometime last week, between my school and Freddie's job news, I flipped out sprang into action.

All of these big unknowns had suddenly become known. And suddenly, all of the zen-like patience I had exhibited as I waited for news just melted out of me. Now I could finally DO STUFF!!

So I immediately listed all of our furniture on craigslist.

Then I sold some of it.

Then I looked at where my couch used to be.

Then I looked at a calendar.

Then I thought, "Wait, where am I supposed to sit for the next three months??"

Yes, it may have been a mistake to immediately start dismantling an apartment that I'm still planning on living in til July.

But then again, I'd rather get an early start on the selling/packing/cleaning, especially since there's a lot to get rid of. No matter how much stuff you think you don't have (there's probably a more eloquent way to say that, but I refuse to think of one), as soon as you start moving your furniture around, things just explode out of the woodwork. Like creepy bugs in a horror movie.

Stage one of the removal of random crap is to take away its hiding place. So, bye bye furniture!

Besides, I do have an incredibly ugly orange easy chair that I'm pretty sure I'll never sell in a million years. So I guess that's what I'll sit on for the next three months.

Til tomorrow!


marianne said...

You are going to be busy these next few months, so maybe you should leave at least one comfortable piece of furniture to collapse onto at the end of the day

Rick said...

I agree with Mom!

troy said...

How much for the orange chair? ;)

Kim said...

It's probably a good idea to start early. :) I have so much crap in my apartment, I get a headache just thinking about taking care of it all if I move after graduation.