March 23, 2011

Fact #255: Just shut up and eat it

Last night after my yoga class, I went home and cooked a delicious black eyed pea, sweet potato, and broccoli ..thing.. while I drank wine and danced around the kitchen to my new favorite band of all time, The Black Keys. They're just so good for dancing to in the kitchen!

Aaaanyway, it occurred to me that 90% of my cooking involves throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot or a skillet, mixing it all together with some oil and lots of garlic, then glooping it out onto a plate and eating it. I mean, it tastes super delicious. But it's not so easy on the ol' eyeballs. There's not a lot of fine presentation. I don't often garnish.

I'm a pretty lazy cook, so the concept of one-pot cooking appeals to me at a basic level. One dirty dish. One thing to stir. One big tupperware full of food in my fridge. What do you even call that type of dish? It's not a stew, exactly. It's more of a hash.

Yum, huh?

Yeah, that's me. Laurel Schroeder, hash-master.

While some people are busy marinating things, creating individual servings, and doing different things to different ingredients, I'm throwing everything I can find into my magic pot and keeping my fingers crossed it will turn into something I can eat.

Well, so far, so good. It isn't fancy, but it works!

Til tomorrow.


Karen Solas said...

Black Keys = SOOOOOOO good, in such a play-it-loud, make-you-move, stirs-something-up-down-deep-in-your-guts kinda way. Glad you are digging them!

Tim said...
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Tim said...

I freakin LOVE the Black Keys.


Laurel said...

Me too!! I just got introduced to them, but I'm a little obsessed now.