March 25, 2011

Fact #257: Yoga times a million

I want to be able to do this when I'm 50.

Actually, I want to be able to do it sooner than that. I mean, I'm not really setting a goal to wake up on my 50th birthday and suddenly, out of nowhere, be able to do this pose. What I'd like is to be able to do it before then, and still do it when I'm 50.

Today was the last day of my 30 day yoga pass at Amazing Yoga. I didn't make it every single day, but I went close to 25 times. And I'm not gonna lie, I feel awesome. Amazing. Bendy and strong. Full of breath.

So now comes the part where I have to get a little more proactive about keeping this amount of yoga in my life. I totally can't afford another monthly pass -- I'm supposed to be saving my dollars for moving expenses. I'm trying to get into their volunteer program, so I could go to one free class a week. And they have some discounted rates for classes with teachers in training.

But the other thing I'm gonna have to do is start doing yoga at home. But, like, really doing it. Doing it with focus and intention, the way I do when I'm at the studio. There are a ton of yoga podcasts of 60 or 90 classes, good ones too. I just need to get out my little mat, find the warmest spot in my house, and do it.

Until I can do scorpion pose.

And when I can do that pose, keep doing it.

Til tomorrow!


Karen Solas said...

Just looking at that kind of blows a circuit in my brain. You have loftier goals than me, good for you! Me, I'm shooting for crow. And actually, a headstand too. I'll be incredibly satisfied and proud when I can do those. But boy, when you can do this, it's gonna be like the best party trick ever!

Laurel said...

I'm still shooting for crow too. :) I can get into it pretty often now, so I'm working on being able to hold it longer without tipping over.

All the inversions are intimidating to me! We don't really do them in class so often, but we do forearm balance prep a lot. It's hard!! Every time I get close to thinking I'm getting pretty buff, they throw a new pose in that makes me wonder if I have any muscles at all!