March 29, 2011

Fact #261: Pittsburgh bucket list

Here's what I have so far...

1. Go to the Pittsburgh zoo
2. Wander around the Mattress Factory
3. Day trip to Ohiopyle
4. Eat/drink at Bocktown Beer and Grille
5. Try every flavor of gelato at the Mulberry Creamery
6. Do something, anything on the North Side (it's like a whole different city)
7. Ride the Megabus to NYC
8. Do hill runs on Bates street
9. Drink wine and watch movies in the park
10. Go to a Pens game

What else am I missing in Pittsburgh? What should I do that I haven't done yet?

Til tomorrow!


A Beautiful Mess said...

Have you gone on the incline? Been to Phipps? I don't think they make anything without meat at Primanti's otherwise I'd suggest that. Kayaked the rivers? (I think that departs from the North Side). Btw didn't we do a show on the North Side? That totally counts. :) You should check out for fun, outdoorsy, organized hikes and things in and around Ohiopyle (sometimes with promises of beer, wine or soup at the end! Om nom :) I'd suggest the Arts Festival and Irish Festival as well if you haven't been already but you'll already be gone by the time they roll around. :(

A Beautiful Mess said...

Also, Tuesday Therapy Dogs at the Cathedral. Also, go to the top of the Cathedral and see the falcon! Additionally, have you been to Fallingwater? What about the aptly named Laurel Caverns? Phew, looks like you'll be busy. :)

A Beautiful Mess said...

Omg have you been to Wafflonia!?!

Laurel said...

Thanks for the suggestions, these are all going on my bucket list. I better get crackin'!

What's Wafflonia?? I've never been there, but I like the sound of it... :)

A Beautiful Mess said...

What's Wafflonia?! Only the most adorable little (brand spanking new) Belgium waffle shop in all of Pittsburgh! It's in the tiny space where Dozen Cupcakes used to be in Squirrel Hill near the Coldstone Creamery on Murray ave. You get a fresh waffle with your choice of fruits/syrups/spreads/ice cream toppings. I suggest trying the Speculoos ice cream or spread which tastes like Belgium holiday cheer. It's amazing.

Also, two things that you should definitely definitely check out if you haven't already are Friday Nite Improvs (Cathedral of Learning, $3, 11p Fridays through April) and OUTrageous Bingo (Temple Rodef Shalom on Fifth Ave. in Oakland/Shadyside). The Bingo is once a month (there's one tonight and the next one is May 14) and I think it's $15 for admission which gets you a ticket that could win you a myriad of door prizes (many of which are As Seen On Tv items) and 6 regular bingo cards. You can also buy special games for $2 which all have heavily innuendo-ed names like "Tops or Bottoms" or "In the Hole". But the highlight is definitely the drag queen halftime show.

I just found out too that Pittsburgh Magazine just published an article on the 50 Fun Things That You Should Do in the city so if you're really looking to get everything you can out of here before you move on, that might be worth a look-see. :) But those are my top suggestions.

Here's a snippet of the article they posted online:

Laurel said...

I drove by Wafflonia yesterday and I almost flung myself out of the car to get my hands on a delicious Belgian waffle! Fortunately for my own safety, I was able to restrain myself. But now I know exactly where it is, and I'll be back!!!

That Bingo night sounds suuuuper fun too, we should go some night before I leave!