April 9, 2011

Fact #272: It's pronounced 'ooo'

The first day in Philly, we checked out some of the historical points of interest -- Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Elfreth's Alley. We took a few tours and brushed up on our U.S. history. (We also bought some delicious food, including Butter Krak eggs, from Reading Terminal.)

The next day (after more food and more Butter Krak eggs) we went to the Mütter Museum.

The Mütter Museum is a museum of human oddities and medical pathology. And it. Is. Crazy. Ca-razy!

Usually I have an internal museum timer -- after a couple of hours wandering through galleries and displays, my brain starts making a beeping noise that indicates it's no longer willing to accept any more information. (It will, however, accept a giant cookie.)

But we spent a long time wandering around the Mütter, and my museum timer never went off.

It was really fascinating. I'm sort of a sucker for that kind of stuff. The human body is so strange/wonderful/resilient/fragile.

I also saw this in the gift shop and almost bought it, then realized that would actually be a horrible idea.

I'm not allowed to read this book, ever. If you see me trying to read this book, slap it out of my hands.

Til tomorrow!

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