April 11, 2011

Fact #274: It's not so politically correct

When my life gets busy and crazy and stressful, it really helps me stay happy and focused and stress-free if I keep up a regular regimen of running, yoga, and a healthy diet. Those are literally some of the best stress protectors I know of.

And yet...

Sometimes, when my life gets crazy and stressful, what I decide to do instead of staying active and eating right is to lie on the couch eating entire sleeves of Nutter Butters. That's so not good for you. I mean, me.

So this is what I tell myself whenever I'm feeling stressed or moody or overwhelmed:

"You don't have to get fat about it."

(It's not super PC, but it makes me giggle. And giggling is also one of the best stress protectors I know of.)

Til tomorrow!

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