April 14, 2011

Fact #277: "Will blog 277 days straight for theatre tickets"

Last night Bricolage Theatre offered local bloggers a chance to see a preview performance of their new show, Hunter Gatherers. Even though I blush bright red to even think about referring to this blog as a real blog, I think I've already made clear my love of both all things theatre and all things free. So I jumped on that deal like a starving artist on a free theatre ticket!

(PLUS, when we showed up for the play we were greeted in the lobby by Odie, one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. Puppies, free tickets, beer?? How many of my favorite things can be in one room at once? Well, maybe if they had a giant vat of froyo...)

The show was amazing! Some of it was hysterical, some of it was crazy, some of it was gross, some of it was sad. It's a pretty manic play that doesn't give the audience (or actors!) much time to catch their breath. But when those moments of quiet do come, they really hit hard.

As an actress, something I'm always trying to get better at is sitting in an uncomfortable moment. Hitting that point where it's awkward or painful or revealing or disturbing, and not keeping one hand on the railing. Not keeping up that tiny little barrier between myself and the uncomfortability (not a real word), so I could always back out if I wanted. Letting the tension settle, with no urge or obligation to cut it.

I thought they did that really well in this show, to hilarious and poignant effect.

Also, the special effects by Steve Tolin were amazing! There is (I don't think this is giving too much away) some blood in this show, and all of the stage effects and violence were really seamless.

So, in summary, go see Hunter Gatherers!! And then email me. 'Cause there are some things I want to talk about...

Til tomorrow!

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