May 3, 2011

Fact #296: All the pictures I took

I'm terrible at taking pictures. I just get too distracted! The more fun I'm having, the fewer pictures I take. So clearly I had a great time in New York, seeing as how I only managed to take about 8 pictures.

Here they all are:

 Beer flight at The Ginger Man. If you're interested, those are Dogfish Head Olde School, Dupont avec les Bons Voeux, Nectar Ales Black Xantus (at least it was before I drank it), and St. Feuillien Blonde. Yummy. Yum-town. 

 This is our view of the Empire State Building as we left the bar.

 The arch in Washington Square Park. I sat in front of it and ate the most delicious hummus sandwich in the world.

 My friend Anna on the Brooklyn Bridge. We made it all the way to Brooklyn!

 The Statue of Liberty as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge. Like many celebrities, she looks much smaller in real life (and from far away).

Me in Grand Central Station. Right before this picture was taken, a guy walked in front of me and saw the camera, but instead of ducking out of the way he just stood there staring at it for another 20 seconds. Now I kind of feel bad that he's NOT in this picture.

Me and Anna on the subway back from Brooklyn. We just walked a billion miles. And I have crazy-eyes.

The New York Public Library. As soon as I saw this, I stopped dead in my tracks and started yelling, "Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!" I'm a nerd and an embarrassing tourist. But I don't care. 

Those pictures only really just scratch the surface of all the fun stuff I did on my trip! I also had girl-talk over Mexican food and margaritas, ate a cupcake from Magnolia, saw Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (congrats to Arian Moayed on his Tony nomination!!), watched a show at UCB, had many wonderful conversations with old friends, wandered through Central Park at night, and ate some kind of delicious chocolate covered pretzel chocolate thing from the Shake Shack.

It was a great trip. Just what I needed.

Til tomorrow!


Nate said...

Dude, that's how you take a vacation. Well played, sis, well played. :)

Rick said...

Sounds like a really great trip. You packed a lot into your long weekend!

Anna said...

My feet are still tired. But, gosh, I do love me some Laurel.