May 5, 2011

Fact #298: Slowing down

One of the things I liked about New York is that it's a city of fast walkers. That worked out great for me, since my 'meandering' pace is still fast enough to lap a professional speedwalker. At the airport, I walk next to the moving walkway and breeze past the people on it.

And it's not really about being in a giant hurry. I'm not late for my flight or desperate to get to work on time. I just don't like walking slow. I don't get horrible road rage, but I do occasionally get sidewalk rage when I get stuck behind a casual walker.

I've been working on slowing down a little lately, or maybe I should say, living more deliberately. Not rushing through stuff. Noticing where I am. Finding what's new or different and enjoying it.

So I'm trying to work on walking slower.

Seriously, it's super hard! I have to rein myself in every few steps, as my feet start tripping over themselves to move faster.

But today I spent the afternoon in Shadyside, and when I walked to the bus stop to come home, I went as slow as I could go. I noticed the trees -- most of them have leaves by now, but they're still the bright, light green of spring. In another couple of days, they'll probably look totally different. So it's a good thing I saw them today.

Til tomorrow!

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marianne said...

I can totally relate to the speed at which you walk!