May 8, 2011

Fact #301: I'll say this one time...

In less than two months I'm leaving to go to school in Houston. And I'm a little scared.

It's the first time I've moved anywhere totally, completely on my own. I spent a year in London during my undergrad, but that was really more of a long vacation. When I moved to Chicago I had a network of college friends. I moved to Pittsburgh with Freddie.

And now I'm moving to Texas by myself. I know friends-of-friends who've offered to help me find a place to live and show me around. And once school starts, I'll be surrounded by a group of people pretty much nonstop.

But first, the move -- so far away from everything and everyone I know. So far outside of my mid-western culture. So hot. So humid. Finding a place to live, navigating a new city. Finding a way to make it feel like home.

So it's a little scary. And I don't mind admitting that, mostly because I can immediately follow it with, "I'm a big girl. I do okay."

Besides, if I remember correctly, I wasn't all that super stoked about moving to Pittsburgh. I may have spent the first couple of months here bemoaning the fact that my 'street' was a glorified alley, mocking the nonsensical roadways and poorly placed signage that are everywhere in this city, and bitching about the fact that I couldn't buy beer from a grocery store like a normal person.

But I've come to love Pittsburgh so much. For realsies. It grew on me like a giant city-shaped wart. I'll be back, I promise. I'll be back for a latte from Big Dog, for a beer from The Library, for brunch at Zenith. Hopefully I'll be back to work with some of the great theatre companies out here. I'll be back.

But first, time to bust out the shorts and flip flops, and figure out what the hell to do with my hair in humidity.

Til tomorrow!

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