July 5, 2011

Fact #360: I'm so ready for a gondola ride of emotions

Today was yet another rollercoaster ride of emotions. I woke up feeling good -- I'm mostly settled into my new place, and I was excited about exploring the city a little with my mom.

But when we went down to the parking lot, my car wasn't there. Uh.. what? In the hopes that I'd just forgotten where I'd parked it, I wandered around looking for it for a few minutes. Meanwhile, my heart was slowly sinking to somewhere around my ankles.

Then I went to the leasing office to let them know what had happened and ask if it could possibly have been towed. They gave me the number for their towing company.

Yes, it was towed! Not stolen. Heart back in chest, resuming normal rhythm.

Then I had to argue with the towing company, who claimed there wasn't a parking permit on my car -- There was!! There so totally was!!!! -- and with the leasing office, who of course denied any liability for the whole thing.

Heart still in chest, but pounding with frustrated rage.

(I was actually very proud of myself for not unleashing a giant shit-storm on people who really didn't deserve it. The leasing office ladies were nice and sympathetic, but there wasn't much they could do. The evil lady with the Irish accent yelling from the back room wouldn't let them.)

Then I had to take a bus out to the impound lot (had a mini-breakdown on the bus, gotta stop crying on public transportation...) and get my car back from the scary guy with mostly no teeth.

But it was there! My car was there! My little car that I just spent all that money to get fixed, that I drove all the way across the country, that I need for the next two years of school. My little Baby Force.

Heart swells, music swells.

After I got my car, I  went back to the leasing office for a new permit, and while I was there I got a cup of coffee and a cookie from the waiting area. I figure if I do that about two hundred more times, I'll get my money's worth for what it cost to get my car back from the impound lot.

Then I used my car to pick up the boxes of stuff I shipped to Houston, which arrived right on time today.

Then I went for a swim in the little pool in my complex.

Then I had a delicious dinner and a Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, in honor of what I wanted to act like all day.

Then I unpacked my boxes and played Bananagrams with my mom.

So it turned out to be a pretty good day after all. Still, my heart is totally ready for a day where everything is boring and nothing exciting happens.

Til tomorrow!

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Rick said...

Crazy day! But I am really glad it had a happy ending. Bananagrams is fun - good practice for the "Word Game"!