July 29, 2010

Fact #18: I'm having a hard time sitting still

I know my life is about to explode into craziness, so I'm trying to take advantage of this calm before the storm to get stuff done. But I'm so antsy!!!!

I've had the past two days off.. but all that free time, combined with the knowledge that I should be getting stuff done, makes me a little loopy sometimes. I've been getting a little cabin fever-y, spending hours sitting on my bed pouring over my scripts.

The 'work before the work' is essential, but it can also be the hardest part for me. Once I start rehearsals, I start to live and breathe it - it gets in my body, it's active and energetic, I'm sharing the work with the director and my castmates, it finally becomes a collaborative process.

But the 'work before the work' still has to get done, or I'll be behind when the second kind of work starts. :) So right now, I'm doing my actor homework. Reading the script over and over. Reading my scenes, working on getting the lines into my head. Reading the whole play through again looking for the things other characters say about mine. Finding my interpretation, my perspective. Specifying.

But, seriously, there's only so much a girl can take! So yesterday I excused myself for a couple of hours, went to H&M, spent money I didn't have on a cute skirt I didn't need, and then got some gelato. Win. Big win. Win all around.

Til tomorrow!

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