July 19, 2010

Fact #8: Holy crap

My latest quote of the day comes from, where else, Facebook. Of course it does.

A guy I know recently had a baby (I mean, his wife did), and he posted some pictures online. Plenty of friends and family posted their ooh's and aah's, their love and well-wishes.

Somebody wrote a comment of congratulations, adding, "You look appropriately dazed and reverent."

I don't have any kids yet, I don't know if I ever will. But I bet that's exactly what you feel like when you hold your brand new baby. Dazed and reverent. I've felt it to a degree holding my niece and nephew, but I bet it just knocks your socks off when it's your own.

I think that's a big reason people have kids. To love someone that much. We love plenty of people in our lives, but I don't think there's another kind of love like that.

Til tomorrow.


Nate said...

Yep yep. :)

Rick said...

Reverent. I like that word in this context.

Laurel said...

Yeah, me too. :)