July 20, 2010

Fact #9: I think maybe I think I'm more outdoorsy than I am

We went camping last weekend at a place called Raccoon Creek State Park. Whoever named the park got it right, there were a million raccoons. Like these little guys! Aww, so cute!

Well, they're cute until they're hiding up in a tree with the bag of jumbo marshmallows you were super excited about making into s'mores.. you jerk, Raccoon!

I grew up doing a lot of camping and hiking and playing outside. Consequently, I came to think of myself as a pretty 'outdoorsy' person. And I am. Sort of. But I've finally had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not exactly "Man v. Wild" material.

I mean, I love trips out of the city. I don't mind being out of cell range for a few days and getting away from modern conveniences. I appreciate the beauty of nature, and the peace and quiet you find high up in the mountains or deep in the woods.

But if someone tells me to hold still because I've got a spider crawling up my back, I will in fact start screaming like a little girl and jumping around trying to kung fu myself.

Because sometimes nature is just gross.

Til tomorrow!


Rick said...

Awesome raccoon pix, but you should really feed them something more healthy than marshmallows!

Pinolera said...

Gross - Raccoon state park? Is that the best they could do? Please tell me that is not the only state park in PA you have visiting, because it sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Also - your gross scary spider is a daddy long legs? I think you can do a little better! Get back out in the woods girl!!!!!