August 22, 2010

Fact #42: Two weeks??? Where does the time go?

We open Much Ado in two weeks. Actually 13 days, but let's just round up to a nice even two weeks, shall we? Mentally, I've just hit that extra special place between, "Plenty of time," and, "No time!!!" (It's a very small window -- in fact, sometimes it only lasts for a few seconds.)

We're starting to stitch the pieces together, which is always a scary and exciting part of the process. It's scary because stumbling through transitions, getting lost in the middle, or realizing you're somehow supposed to be in two places at once can feel like taking a giant step backward. But it's exciting and obviously necessary because this is the point when things start to build. One scene feeds into the next, one beat informs the next. It starts to make sense as a whole.

Beatrice is coming along. I'm finding her thread, stitching her together too.

Kind of like this. ------------------------------>

But less Tim Burton-y.

One thing I've been surprised at is how different 'my' Beatrice is from the perception I had of her before we started rehearsals. She's less carefree than I'd thought. She's more practical. Her wit and humor are still there, but they exist as a counterbalance to an opposite side. She even has a moment toward the end of the show that the assistant director referred to the other day as her "Lady Macbeth" moment.

But there's lots more work to do. Some scenes are starting to flow nicely, but a few still feel like banging my head against a wall. Luckily I've still got a little while before there's "No time!!!!"

Til tomorrow.


Rick said...

I am very, very happy that we will be out and get to see your show. No pressure, we'll (I'll?) behave!

Q Schroe said...

I wish I would be able to see the show! If someone makes a video of it or something, you should try to send it my way.

Can't wait to see you next week!