September 19, 2010

Fact #70: I'm worried about my other balls

I've got big eyes.

Some might say bug eyes.

Some might also get punched in the face by me.

Sometimes I get concerned that at any given time, you can see the whites of my eyes on all sides of my irises. I don't think that's normal.

Also, I can move my eyes back and forth really fast.

Like this. But faster. Lots faster.

I've never found a practical use for that skill, so all it really does is add to my list of Crazy Unfounded Fears the fear that one day my eyeballs will just fall right out of their sockets.

But it could happen! It's a real thing! It's called 'spontaneous globe luxation', or 'ew, ew, super gross, I can't believe your eyeball fell out'.

Maybe I'll just start squinting...

Til tomorrow!

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