September 18, 2010

Fact #69: Now I'm obsessed with Ommegang

One of my top favorite best new discoveries at the Big Pour was Brewery Ommegang.

Um. I love them.

I tried six of their beers -- they had four that they were sampling, plus they did special pours of two others at 6pm and 7pm. And I waited in line like the nerd that I am at 5:55 and 6:55 just to try them. I loved all six. So delicious.

They're based out of New York, but I know they distribute here, so I'm on the lookout!

Must. Have. More. Ommegang.

PS, in case you're wondering, the six that I tried were Hennepin, Abbey Ale, Three Philosophers, Rare Vos, Tripel Perfection, and the Belgian IPA.

Til tomorrow!

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Rick said...

You are starting to sound more and more like your brother!