October 25, 2010

Fact #106: I am not a barista

I recently got cast in a web series called The Baristas, about a bunch of baristas (obviously) working at a coffee shop in Pittsburgh. But you know what's funny? I'm not playing a barista. Wheeeee!! Hahahaha! Sweet freedom!!

Nope, I'm playing a customer, part of a gang of nerdy girls who descend upon the coffee shop to play Dungeons & Dragons in all our nerdy glory. Should be fun. It's been a while since I've played Dungeons & Dragons, but in general my nerd-o-meter is pretty high, so I think I should be able to slip into the role pretty easily. :)

I'm shooting my first episode tonight, and I'm super excited about it. We're filming at a neat little coffee shop in Bellevue called Affogato.

Oh, and speaking of Affogato -- I want one.

Til tomorrow!


marianne said...

Congrats on getting on The Barristas, and not being a barrista! Sounds like a lot of fun. And, when you get your affogato, get one for me too, k?

Laurel said...

Next time you come visit, I'll make you one. :)

Q Schroe said...

Yay for another movie! That sounds like a lot of fun. It's been so long since I played D&D, ah, the good ol' days!

That drink sounds really awesome too. I'm pissed that I never heard of it while I was Italy! They owe me one affogato, asap.

Rick said...

Sounds like a fun time. Let us know if we can watch it online somehow, ok?