October 29, 2010

Fact #110: Coffee + More Coffee - Food = Uh Oh

I had too much caffeine at work this morning. I got carried away! Mmm, but the coffee was just too delicious. I couldn't stop!!

Anyway, the good news is that now I get to sit my little overcaffeinated butt in a car for 6 hours (wait, did I say good news?).

I'm driving out to Penn State to meet with one of the current students in their graduate acting program and tour the facilities. I'm really excited to check out the school, it's been one of my top choices in my search so far!

I've got Harry Potter audiobooks for the drive, a map of the campus, and my notebook. I have a list of questions I want to ask. And I changed out of my coffee covered clothes into my big girl outfit. You guys, I'm super ready for this.

I made this at work today.
Then I made the guy wait for it
while I took a picture.
How's that for customer service?

Til tomorrow!

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