October 1, 2010

Fact #82: The 31 Days of Halloween


It's October!!!! I love October. October, I love you.

I would try to explain my feelings, but I just... can't... find... words. I'm getting all choked up with emotion.

So I'll have to express my love in pictures.

Watch out pumpkins. You would make very good jack o'lanterns.

Pumpkin beer!!!
Southern Tier's Pumking is my favorite so far.

One of my all time favorite movies!

These are real trees!!! So purty.

Remember when you used to get a pillowcase full of
candy just for dressing up weird? Those were the days.

What's scarier than Chucky? Slutty Chucky.

There should be more whipped cream on top, but still...

Yeah, October rules.

The thing I like about it is that if you don't want to play along, you don't have to. You can skip the pumpkin everything, walk right by the beautiful fall colors, and refuse to answer the door when little kids come knocking, demanding candy.

But if you want to, you can make each of the 31 days of October a fun-filled, pumpkin-filled, Halloween-y extravaganza! And oh boy, do I want to!!

(Also, in case you were wondering, October is National All-of-These-Things Month. It's a little overwhelming, but I'll do my best to celebrate them all.)

Til tomorrow!


Rick said...

'Tis a great time of year! Happy October!

Q Schroe said...

I wonder if I can find any good pumpkin-based-food products over here... I'll have to keep an eye out.

But I'm pretty sure that they celebrate Halloween, at least in the sense that people put on silly costumes and party, so that will be fun!