October 2, 2010

Fact #83: Yoga'd!

The yoga studio I've been going to, Amazing Yoga, switched (back) from being a donation based studio to having set prices for their classes. Waaahh! I'm really sad about it, and sad that their experiment of making yoga accessible regardless of income seems to have failed. They didn't even make it a year.

In the spirit of pay-what-you-can, I paid what I could. But seriously, I'm poor. I can't be going to yoga every day at $15 a class. And they just raised the rate for their monthly membership, too. Double waaah!

They do have a 'work for yoga' program where you volunteer time at the studio in exchange for classes, so I'm trying to get in on that. But in the meantime, I'm.. sigh.. resorting to yoga at home. I shove the coffee table out of the way, throw down my yoga mat in the middle of the room, and play one of the free podcasts that Amazing Yoga has on iTunes.

I'm having a little trouble though. This is how it usually goes:
AY Podcast: Come into downward dog pose. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Me: Downward dog, ok. Breathe, right. Got it. Hmm, I'm thirsty. Ooh! I should make some coffee!

AY Podcast: Hold plank pose.

Me: Yum, this coffee is delicious. Wait, what? Plank? Oh, right, I'm doing yoga!

AY Podcast: Hold warrior two pose. Open your hips. Energize your fingers.

Me: Ah, this is great! I feel so energized. Hey, I wonder if I got any emails...? I better check. Could be important.

AY Podcast: Transition into an inversion.

Me: Wow, there's a lot of dust under the couch. Have I EVER swept under there?

AY Podcast: Come into fish pose. Breathe.

Me: (walking out of the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal) Geez, is that thing still going?
So, um, yeah. Yoga at home is not an easy task for the easily-distracted. I'm working on it though! I much prefer going to the studio, but until I can fit it back into my budget, I guess I'll use this as a chance to practice my focus and concentration.

This is my favorite yoga pose. Does that make me lazy?

Til tomorrow!


A Beautiful Mess said...

I really like yogajournal.com's podcasts. And if you do the ones with the female instructor, the yoga student is this super tall lady who my friend and I are convinced is secretly an amazon. So if you get distracted easily, her unusual tallness might distract you just enough to get through the podcast. :)

Laurel said...

Cool, I just downloaded some!