October 8, 2010

Fact #89: I'd rather be fishin'

Actually, that's a lie. I hate fishing. The last time I went fishing, I was probably 12. Those were my pre-vegetarian days -- but even before I gave up meat, I was always a little squeamish about catching fish on hooks, yanking the hooks out, chopping their heads off, and frying the rest up. Oog. Barf.

The only kind of fish I would ever want to gut.
Or smash with a hammer.

Still, there are a lot of other things I'd rather be doing this weekend than working. It's supposed to be super nice out! I want to play outside! But work calls, and I must heed the call.

My job situation fluctuates a lot. Sometimes it's dead for days, then suddenly there will be a huge bump and I'll get flooded with work. (Although by that point, I've gotten so lazy that I'm basically a blob of flesh with eyeballs, so it's a rough adjustment.) But that's how it goes. It's a little 'feast or famine' -- and this weekend will most definitely be a feast. Of work. Yum. But I can't complain, I need the money!

And anything's better than fishing.

Til tomorrow!

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