November 1, 2010

Fact #113: The 30 days of Thanksgiving

Wait, October is over already?!? Geez!

Well, at least the focus on pumpkin as the main ingredient of everything continues into November. I'm not ready to say goodbye to delicious pumpkin bread/beer/pie/rolls/ice cream yet.

I like November. Not as much as October, but it's still a pretty good month. It feels fall-ish, but there's a hint of winter right around the corner.

In honor of this month's theme, here are some things I'm grateful for:
  • I'm grateful for my family. They're the best and I love them all so much.
  • I'm grateful that every day I find something to laugh about. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cackle like a witch (I can't help it!).
  • I'm grateful that I get to do what I love.
  • I'm grateful that even though I'm not making my full living from acting (yet!), I have wonderful survival jobs.
  • I'm grateful for the friendship and love in my life. It's pretty awesome.
  • I'm grateful for all the puppies in the world.
  • I'm grateful to be healthy and active and able to run and do yoga (even though I'm very uncoordinated).
  • I'm grateful for a long list of amazing, vivid, unforgettable moments in my life, and the expectation of many additions to that list.
  • I'm grateful that even though sometimes the world is terrifying and sad, there are a lot of people who are trying to make it better.
  • I'm grateful to slowly but surely be figuring myself out.
  • I'm grateful for any combination of pretzels and chocolate.
Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving (month).

Til tomorrow!

1 comment:

Rick said...

I love your grateful list! And I love you. Te Beagh was glad to hear you love all the puppies in the world, but was hoping she was in first place.