November 2, 2010

Fact #114: Finding what's right there

I spent the afternoon working on some new monologues for grad school auditions. Getting them on their feet. Getting a feel for them. Doing bookwork. Trying to get to the heart of them.

I also just started watching Slings & Arrows on Netflix. It's a great Canadian TV show centered around a fictional theatre festival called the New Burbage Festival. I don't think you have to be an actor to enjoy it, but there are a lot of parts that really hit home if you've spent any time onstage (or backstage).

These guys know all 'aboot' theatre.

Anyways, there are a couple of bits in the first season where the director, Geoffrey Tennant, works with an actor who's struggling with a particular moment. He talks them through it, helping them find the reality of it, breaking it down to what it's really about.

Then the "this is really great acting" music plays, and the actor acts the crap out of the scene.

The music makes me chuckle, but I still love watching those moments. Because I think that's what really does make acting great -- finding those truths, those specifics, those details that are only obvious in retrospect.

It sounds pretty simple. But it's not.

And I kind of love that too. :)

Til tomorrow!

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Q Schroe said...

That's a great show! I think I only finished the first season though, I should pick it back up sometime. Gosh, so many shows to watch now, it's hard to keep track!