November 3, 2010

Fact #115: Beverage snobbery

For the past couple of weeks, I worked at the coffee shop almost every day. It was pretty fun! I'm usually only there a few days a week, so it was kind of nice to get in a groove, see the same faces every day, settle into a routine.

Plus, once I start rehearsals (in 9 days, yay!) I'll have to cut my hours at the shop, so it was good to work while I could.

The only drawback is that I got totally spoiled. For two weeks, I got to drink the best coffee in the whole world every day. And now the organic not-horrible-but-not-awesome-just-kind-of-meh coffee that I usually brew at home isn't cutting it.

I can't deny it anymore. Intelligentsia is my one true love.

So, there you go. I'm already a beer snob, and I guess I have to admit I'm a coffee snob too. (Luckily, I'll still drink pretty much any kind of wine, including the kind that comes in a box. I can't be snobby about everything!)

Til tomorrow!

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