November 10, 2010

Fact #122: Can't I just flap my arms??

I just booked my plane tickets home for Christmas. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!!! Ten whole days of family and food, and more food, and puppies and babies and beer, and more food... Ahhhhh.

The only part of the whole thing I'm not excited about is the part where I have to get on an airplane. Seriously, just buying my tickets and seeing how many times we'll be taking off and landing (because direct flights cost a million dollars), I started feeling a little queasy.

I don't know how I got to be such a bad flyer! I mean, I've never liked it, but it never used to freak me out this bad. I haaaaate it!!!! Ogh, ugh, blurg, barf barf barf!!!

But I can't stop flying. I have too many cool people to visit and fun places to go! So, I'm opening this blog up for suggestions.

Fellow nervous (or not) flyers:
How do you make sitting in an airplane way up high in the sky not the shittiest thing in the whole world?

Alternate question:
Do you have a Harry Potter broom? May I borrow it?

Til tomorrow!


Q Schroe said...

Books have been the most helpful thing for me when traveling. And the realization that trying to sleep when you are unable is often the worst thing to do.

I'm excited for Christmas plans though, it will be great to see you guys!

Pinolera said...

Take a valium before you get on the plane, then drink a mini-vodka in flight, next watch "Babies Documentary" to pass the time, arrive happily at destination.