November 11, 2010

Fact #123: Man v Food v My Better Judgment

You know how some restaurants have crazy food challenges? Eat a giant stack of fried things in such and such amount of time, and you get a free T-shirt or something?

I will never, ever do that. I wouldn't stand a chance. I mean, I can eat a lot, but there are limits.

So it's a little surprising that I'm totally addicted to watching Man v Food -- a show based around a guy traveling to different cities to check out the local eats and take on outrageous eating challenges.

For example, this gargantuan sandwich, which he tried to eat in 15 minutes:

That's 5 pounds of food!!!

It's sort of disturbing... but strangely compelling. I have no idea why I like this show, but it sucks me in every time!

Generally, I only cheer for sweaty people if they're running a marathon or playing sports or something. But I'd cheer for Adam Richman's meat sweats any day.

Til tomorrow!


Pinolera said...

1) I like watching this show too, especially when he has to try to eat the hottest wings or other spicy food.
2) You can not eat a lot - don't even kid yourself! I don't eat a lot and I eat more than you. We would never ever stand a chance :-)

Q Schroe said...

There is only 1 way to settle this, we must have a Schroeder sibling eating contest!