November 14, 2010

Fact #126: Massaging and Acting

Speaking of massage, the other cool thing about working as a massage therapist is that it's taught me some good lessons that actually relate to acting. (Or maybe that's just me finding ways to relate anything to anything else.. oh well, too late now!)

Things Massage Has Taught Me About Acting
It's less important to press as hard as you can than it is to press on the right spot.

If you're nervous or self-conscious, it's worse for everybody.

If you try to use force, you'll just hit resistance. If you sink into it, the resistance melts away.

You might think you're amazing and doing everything right. But only your client knows how what you're doing feels to them.

Don't work halfheartedly. Whatever you're doing, do it.

Make the work a collaboration.
Hmmm. That may or may not make any sense to anyone who's not me. It's hard to explain some of the massage stuff. But I really do think there are a lot of ways it can relate to acting.

And just wait til I start trying to explain all the things slinging coffee has taught me about acting!

Til tomorrow.

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