November 17, 2010

Fact #129: It's 12:19am and I'm blogging!!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm about to go to sleep. (You know you're tired when the thought of sleeping makes you so excited you can barely sleep.)

It's been a busy week -- the kind where every morning when the alarm goes off, you bolt straight up in bed and yell, "What day is it??? Where am I??? What am I late for???" Then you go make yourself a pot of coffee because the lingering adrenaline from the heart attack you almost just gave yourself will only last you so long.

But it's pretty impossible to complain about being busy when I'm doing so many things I love!

Tomorrow, the highlights of my day will include a much-needed morning run, a dialect coaching session for Hobson's Choice, rehearsal, and then beer and pretzels with beer cheese at The Library.

I can barely wait!! Well, okay, I can. But only because I get to sleep first! Wheee...zzzzzzz...

Til tomorrow.

1 comment:

marianne said...

Well, by now you've done all the cool things you were planning for the day. I hope it all went well and that you enjoyed your beer at the end of the day.