November 30, 2010

Fact #142: Life as an evil step-sister

We had our first dress rehearsal on Sunday night. Despite needing a little work on a couple of quick changes, the costumes are so much fun! With the bustles on, we look eerily similar to the step-sisters in Cinderella.

It's funny, I don't think Alice is evil. She's certainly not an angel -- she's bratty and catty and incredibly selfish. But she's not really a villain. She's even got moments of sweetness.

It's just that she's so self-centered that her moments of sweetness and her moments of cruelty come with no distinction between them. They just fly out of her depending on her needs or mood at the time. She doesn't do anything with other people in mind. She's thoughtless more than she's evil.

It did finally occur to me the other night, though, that if I'm doing my job right, people might not like Alice very much. There's not much reason for them to.

It also occurred to me that that's okay. Not all characters have to be likable (not all people are!). Characters like that are fun to watch for a different reason. Alice might be the kind of person you love to hate -- and that's all right by me!

Til tomorrow.


Q Schroe said...

I promise I'll love hating you when I see the show!

marianne said...

Looking forward to seeing Alice do her thing!