December 1, 2010

Fact #143: Sleighbells ring, are you listenin'..?

It's Christmas-time!! Wheeeeeeee!

I like Thanksgiving. I like Halloween. But I looove Christmas. I love it. I love the cookies and the holiday music and the snow and the trees and the lights and the family visits and the stockings hung by the chimney with care.

I love counting down the days til Christmas -- although admittedly they seem to fly by more than drag by like they did when I was little.

I love squeezing as much holiday cheer as I can out of every second of every day of December.

I love buying Christmas presents. (My family does a name draw so we each get a gift for only one person. It's the best thing ever because that way I get to spend more time coming up with the perfect gift than battling crowds at the mall.)

I love soy eggnog and hot chocolate with marshmallows and spiced cider.

I love the way the holiday season makes winter fun.

*contented sigh*

Til tomorrow!

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