December 6, 2010

Fact #148: More fun with moles

I went in today to get my mole re-excised. They basically just needed to take a bigger chunk, to make sure they had a clear border from the weird cells in my mole.

The dermatologist described what they do as "punching a hole in my arm." To which I replied, "oh, great."

Last time they totally numbed my arm. This time they tried to numb the area, but I guess the scar tissue that was already there made it hard. So it hurt like a sonofabitch! We were just chatting about the weather and the big blizzard last year... and then all of a sudden she sliced me in the arm! Ow ow ow!! And when she sewed it up, I could feel the needle going through and the thread pulling tight. It. Was. Super. Gross.

Luckily I have a will of steel. So I only cried a little.

We also had a nice little chat about my other moles, and she rechecked a few of the ones she had been on the fence about during my last visit. So, in January I'm gonna go get another one taken out! Why the hell not, right? The more the merrier. And all these stitches and scars are great for my street cred.

Til tomorrow!


Rick said...

Yowza - that is a pretty graphic description there! Sorry it hurt. But it is good to get these taken care of.

Nate said...

I think we've got a genetic resistance to anesthesia -- the dentist shot me twice last month and basically my tongue went numb but not my jaw. Hurt like hell. But then I think of our parents doing dentist trips without any novocain and it kind of makes me feel like a wuss if I complain. So just wince and cry on the inside. But damn, that hurts.

Sorry for your slices, but yay street cred!

Nic Roberts said...

You are going to be so legit.

marianne said...

Oh yeah, I remember going to the dentist when when there was no shot to be had, and squeezing the arms of the chair and my hands sweating.... Not fun. But, guess what? The last time I went to the dentist, shot didn't take either. What's up with that? Am I catching the shot-doesn't-work syndrome from my kids?

Laurel said...

Fun Fact: Last time I went to the dentist, he told me that it's a lot harder to numb anything on the lower part of the jaw. The upper part is easier because the bone is spongier, but the bone of the mandible is more dense. So maybe that's why!