December 9, 2010

Fact #151: A cross between an art project, a science experiment, and a spy mission

Even though I had one bad mole, my dermatologist assured me that it doesn't mean they're all bad. But she did tell me to keep an eye on them. If any of my freckles change or if any new ones appear, then I should alert the proper authorities immediately.

Which is fine except, as I might have mentioned, I've got about a billion freckles. And keeping tabs on all of them is more than my brain can handle.

So I decided to photo-document my moles. I'll take pictures of all my limbs and save them in a 'freckle folder'. That way I won't drive myself nuts later on, wondering if that mole I just noticed has been there all along or not. I'll just refer back to my handy freckle map and I'll know for sure!

Til tomorrow.


Nic Roberts said...

I think that you should start naming them, or at least turn them into constellations with fun mythological significance. As a fellow befreckled individual, I always find that entertaining.

Laurel said...

I like that idea. :) :)