December 20, 2010

Fact #162: Accidental Premature Stitch Removal

I'm getting my stitches out tomorrow (by which I mean later today).

The ones that are left, anyway.

A couple of them came out already -- by accident!! For serious. I didn't do anything!

I redid my bandage Friday evening before I went to the theatre. Then I did the show, went out for a drink, then went home and watched the original Tron, then fell asleep halfway through the movie.

Then when I woke up on Saturday morning and took my bandage off to shower, I noticed that my stitches looked a little odd at the bottom, like there was more string sticking out than usual. The knot on the last stitch totally came undone!

There was no way I could have ever re-tied it, and my arm was pretty much healed already -- so I just grabbed my little tweezers and pulled the thread out. It was sort of gross. But also kind of cool.

Still, I'll leave the rest to the professionals.

Til tomorrow!

1 comment:

marianne said...

Well done removing the un-tied stitch - it is kinda weird, and cool.